Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My First Visit

Three weekends ago, I visited Lexington for the first time, and I am more than in love with the city. If you follow me on Facebook, you've seen the trip updates and pictures, but I thought putting them in one place would be nice. Also, I've started a Facebook page for this blog where you can (soon!) find all the posts on this blog, links, resources, and information related to graduate school, relocation state-by-state, neat Kentucky facts, and more!

My flight was at 7:00pm to leave Atlanta for Lexington. Boarding was quite simple between the gate attendant and the flight attendant's assistance. I was so excited to know that it was so easy! This, the view from my window in Atlanta:


Because what's a Delta flight without Coke and peanuts? The in-flight snack really helped to calm my overly excited nerves!


As we made initial approaches into Lexington, the man in the seat next to me taps me and whispers, "Here we are!" and I leaned over to grab this picture:

When I got to the airport and saw my friend from all the way back in 3rd grade, it was like no time had passed. Even when we were best friends at 9 years old, we'd spend hours on the phone. (Think teenage girl on your favorite sitcom.) The whole weekend was one big phone conversation catching up on college events, family happenings, and the like. We graduated high school together, but somewhere between third and twelfth grade, we just lost touch. It was so nice to chat literally all weekend. I was starving by the time we'd gotten to her house, so we had spring rolls and rice for a late dinner. 

Early the next morning, I was awake at the crack of dawn out of excitement. I had scheduled paratransit service from my friend's house to campus, and I was told that they'd be there by 8:30. At 8:15,  there was a knock on the door. The driver had come all the way to the door to assist me with steps, bags, etc. and onto the bus. For the small fee that it costs, the service is wonderful! I'm so relieved that the level of independence that the service offers will be available, and I just can't wait! I had a 9am meeting with the Accommodations Consultant in the Disability Resource Center, and I can say for certain that the services and the willingness to help makes me all the more excited for four months from now! Then, I was graciously given a private golf cart tour of campus (thanks, Sarah!) sponsored by the UK Visitor Center.  Check them out if you're interested in a campus tour! It was phenomenal. The guide even stopped so that I could take a few pictures along the way:

This is historic Memorial Hall. Aside from the library, when you see a picture of UK, it's usually of this building. It is absolutely stunning, and its architecture reminds me of my undergraduate institution.

This is William T. Young Library, probably the most famous building on campus. It is the second largest academic library in the nation next to Harvard, and most importantly, it has a Starbucks inside.

That afternoon, after having lunch in a tall tower in the center of campus and visiting the bookstore, I used the paratransit service to head home. The same quality was presented on the return trip, and to be quite honest, it makes me so much more excited to be in Lexington. We enjoyed dinner and frozen yogurt after both of our days had ended, and then we headed off to the Movie Tavern, where you can order food and beverage while you watch a movie. It was a neat experience, and I would highly recommend checking to see if there's one in your area!

On Saturday, we started by apartment hunting and touring a bit of the city, and then we stopped off at Good Foods, the co-op in town that has all organic, non-GMO products, along with a cafe and bakery. I was fascinated and plan to take full advantage.

Probably the highlight of my Saturday, aside from finding the perfect apartment complex, was meeting the AcoUstiKats and seeing them perform at the Woodford Theatre. They are UK's premier male acapella group and have been made recently famous by NBC's The Sing Off. Getting to meet and take photos with these guys was so much fun!

Then,  on Sunday, we toured the town and the downtown areas, and a few pictures that I took are truly what I've always thought of Kentucky to look like. Take a peek:


Unfortunately, early Monday morning meant it was time to head to the airport to fly home. In the time that I was there, I became even more excited to call Lexington my new Kentucky home in four short months and can't thank my friend Robin enough for being such a wonderful tour guide and hostess. I'm so thankful for such a warm and inviting place to call home soon!

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